It was December 2014, on an early sunny morning in Los Angeles, my teenage daughter and I ventured off to roam the local mall as we did frequently during this time.

The mall was open, but all of the stores inside were closed until 10 AM, except for a Coffee Bean where we would have our breakfast.

The mall was like a big indoor playground with nobody in it . Sitting at the Coffee Bean, we started talking about how fun it would be to have a small football. We could run pass patterns across the mall and over the open areas three floors below.

I was wearing a beanie, and she had a hair tie, so I took off my beanie, bundled it up, and we used her hair tie to fashion it into a ball. After throwing it around for a while, we were sitting there talking and as we looked at the top of the beanie, the crisscross pattern of the stitching reminded us of the end of a football. That was the day BxB BeanieBall was born.

We immediately ran home and stapled together some material and created the first BxB football. Dad and daughter formed the company in 2015. Fast forward six years: we have added several key partners, we now have our patent, trademark, and a production model available for sale.

We are currently raising money for marketing, research and development, and to accelerate our sales. As our journey continues, we will be creating more products for kids of every age to have fun.

- Mike